Monday, September 29, 2008

My very own little prince

The Little Prince is one of my favorite stories ever. I never thought I'd have a son with blond curly hair like the little prince. I do! yay! and I want to dress him up as the Little Prince for halloween. Any suggestions on how I can make this happen? I looked on line for costumes but didn't find any.

By the way if you haven't read the book Christian left the copy I gave him in Hawaii. You should read it. If you haven't watched the movie I also highly suggest it. I have two copies of the movie at home and will gladly lend it.

anyway, if you come upon a little prince costume for some crazy reason let me know.


Pamela Palmer said...

boots, white sweat pants and white shirt, gold sash, medallion out of tin foil or whatever, bathrobe. . .you might have to make the coat. . .check goodwill for a woman's jacket you can cut down. or the swap meet. sword. . .hmmmm.

Mariko said...

Such a cute idea. I don't know why, but I don't like the book. He always seemed too depressing. I like the movie for the crazy guy actor (can't recall his name at this second, but he's famous) who played the fox.

Karen said...

I just found a video clip of the movie. Did read the book once when I was young. Very perfect for your little prince. Hey, maybe Chelsea would sew something up for you! :)

noelle said...

this is kind of a ghetto idea, but for the sword, you can cut it out of cardboard and then cover it with tinfoil and paint's what we did for our 6th grade (very abridged) rendition of Macbeth. Not super fancy, but it was fun.