Friday, August 15, 2008


Chelsea tagged me on her blog so here it goes. And just a heads up I am tagging anyone who is a part of Palmers and Friends and wants to do it.

answer the questions with images

Most people call me Dá. My family calls me Dada and my dad calls me Zuza.

2- First Job

I started babysitting full time in the summer when I was 11 years old. I know it sounds young but I was SO into it that I think I did a better job with those kids than I'm doing now with Enzo. And yes I read every single Baby Sitter's Club book. Even the special edition where they go to summer camp and kiss boys. I felt super sneaky reading those. gosh. lame.

3- Favorite Food

4- Name
when I google image DAMARIS it shows a bunch of naked women. yikes! My name is from the bible. do you know where?)

5-Favorite Place

I could do outdoor concerts every day of my life! 2 weeks till Jack Jackson. Yipeeeee!!!!!!

6- college degree

BA in Anthropology and working towards an MA in Social Documentation. I aim to spend my time studying abstract things with an earning potential of 25,000 a year, if I'm lucky.

7- Bad Habit

checking Taste Spotting every 5 minutes and thinking that I am hungry every time I do even if I check it WHILE I'm eating.

8- Where were you born?

São Paulo where all you see is high rises.

9- Past Love

what? shut up!

10- Favorite Animal

If I believed in reincarnation I would hope to come back as a hippo. They are the cutest things alive.

11- favorite Color

12- where I want to go

13- Favorite object

Christian made me the most functional jewelry box I could of ever asked for. He did it because he loved me but mostly because he was sick of me asking him to untangle my big ball of necklaces every single day.

14- Where I live

It's lovely in every way.

15- What I'm doing now

I'm spending a perfectly beautiful Friday night grading papers.

16- Age

17- Grandmothers' name

(not my grandma in the picture) My grandma Aurea is actually called Elvira. However she only found out about this when she was going to first grade and needed her birth certificate. Back then only dads could register their child. When my great grandmother realized 7 years later that Aurea was actually Elvira she got really mad. Mostly because my great grandfather admitted to my great grandmother that while she was in labor and delivery he slept with one of the hospital nurses whose name was Elvira. True story, I swear! We all call her Aurea even though it's not her real name. If I ever have a daughter her name will be Maria Aurea.

Now you are IT! if you want to be.


Karen said...

great fun, da. nice getting to know you better. :)

chelsea said...

I love the jewelry box too...and it's so true about the college degree earnings-ha ha