Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rock Climbing Pinnacles National Monument

Enzo got his own harness this week! He's taking his new role very seriously.
Christian lead climbed. When he came down he said "O.K that was my adrenaline rush for he month"
Me. I'm getting addicted to this. Good thing we have these beautiful places near by


Mariko said...

looks fun. Too bad I suck at climbing. Enzo is already a champion climber of furniture and walls, so I'm sure rocks will pose no problem.

Jesse said...

Wow, fun. Maybe I won't sell all of my gear. I brought some here, hoping to go more, but haven't at all. We'll have to check it out at Christmas.

Damaris said...

please don't sell your gear. we've been contemplating spending more money than we should on gear.

adam said...

Enzo is looking so grown up.