Friday, August 22, 2008

nyc palmers and cousins

we had fun with the ny palmers (minus enoch) in utah. we played with amy's family a lot. here's some of the cute kiddies.
ez had fun playing football and going to jiu-jitsu class with his cousins.
kes legas is a very cute and buff two-year old.
cooper trying to get in the picture.
tenney keeps getting cuter. even if didn't seem possible.

amy's cousin nicole's little elsa.
ada fell after doing a very cool trick on the playground. her head was hurting, but she was smiling because she had definitely impressed the other kids.
last, but not least. gunnar.

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noelle said...

really cute kids. i love what you said about tenney getting cuter. how is it possible? how can i tap into it?