Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Minami Rose!

welcome party

dressing up in Yesenia's give-aways

Pizza Bob's in Haleiwa

08-08-08 is a day to celebrate! Minami is seven! When Minami was only one month old, she came and lived in Sacramento for 8 months. That was extremely fun. I enjoy being with her whenever I get the chance. Happy Birthday to a "beautiful wave"!


Kaity DeMartini said...

Happy Birthday Minami! I hope you had a fun day and that Mikey was nice to you. :) I remember when you were born. You were so tiny and cute and I loved to hold you.

Damaris said...

Minami. For your birthday I bought a plane ticket to go to Hawaii. It~s a present for me but I can~t wait to se YOU!!! I miss you so much. I miss swimming in the ocean with you. You are so brave and always get in first. I loved snuggling with you. You give the best hugs!!!!

You are beautiful and smart beyond words. I admired how you were so nice to Fernanda when she was just learning English.

Happy birthday beautiful girl I am so happ you are a part of my life.

Sienna said...

Happy Birthday. I miss you. I hope I can come visit again soon. I hope you had fun at your party.

noelle said...

Minami is the cutest. I like that she lets me play with her hair and she tells good stories. love you nami!