Saturday, August 23, 2008

Faculty Club

We have been swimming at the Backy Cub a lot lately. It is like our own private pool because there is rarely anyone else there. The boys love it. They are pretty good at doggy paddling with their life jackets on.
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Damaris said...

woah, nice pool. Our pool is super deep so it's hard for Enzo. I want to come swim in your pool.

p.s: I heard that AA is having a huge sale next week. maybe you can find cheap tickets to come to Hawaii with me. It would be so fun.

Karen said...

deja vu---seeing the faculty club. almost forgot about it. i want to come too.

Sienna said...

wow zeke looks like a good swimmer. yay for private pool. we went to the community pool here the other day (veteran's) and slide on the slides, however the pool itself was warm and unrefreshing.