Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Car for sale?

Hi. So Bekah is back in Oregon, shopping around for a car, while I am still in Japan. She was hoping that someone her mom knows in the stake who buys cars at auction would be able to get her something, but it looks like that isn't going to work out. Since neither of us know a lot about cars, this is kind of stressful for her, so she wanted me to post and see if anyone is selling a car or knows someone who is selling a car. Or if there is anyone who enjoys this sort of thing who wants to help her out. Basically, we want something smaller and reliable. A hatchback or station wagon would be nice. Preferably 4 doors. The more mpg the better. We don't care a lot about exterior, interior condition. Our price range is 3-5,000, although less would be okay too. Although she is in Roseburg, OR and was planning on driving down to Sacto and then LA, she could fly or take the train part of the way. Thanks.


Damaris said...

Steve is great with this sort of thing. I would recommend calling him. He doesn't check the blog very often, so give him a call.

Also, C and I are driving down to Irvine on the 29th of August and leaving from LAX on September 1st. I need to find a place to leave the car from the 1st-18th, when I come back from Hawaii. If it would be helpful you guys could stay with the car and have time to shop around for a new car in Irvine. Of course you could always stay with the car, since it's yours. hehehe. If me leaving the car is not helpful and an actual burden let me know so that I can find someone in LA who would let me park the car at their place until I get back from LA.

I'll also be on the look out for a new car for you guys. We got our saturn from the mission home. It was cheap but saturns suck. They also sell Toyotas for much cheaper than blue book. You might want to look into that.

Damaris said...

also, if you guys don't have a car by the time you get back we could drive a day earlier and come get you in the Airport. I'm done TAing on wed the 27th so it wouldn't be a problem.

Apt #6 said...

Hey Jesse..>Jamie Nichols here. My sister Mindy is selling both her Hondas before she leaves for England on Sept 1st. You can contact her through me or on facebook!