Tuesday, July 15, 2008

my thought process

Today is Tuesday which means that Chris has Enzo all day and I have all day to work. In other words Chris has Enzo all day while I PRETEND to work. My cohort is having a great time getting tape (or photography) on their summer fieldwork while I am here doing my field work which right now consists of calling people on the phone trying to set up interviews and getting one "NO" after another. I am fully aware that phones are the worst ways possible to contact people especially doctors who have their secretaries answer their phone. This is all part if my pretending to work. If I had ANY desire towards a Ph.D they have all vanished. I have close to zero capability of being self motivated enough to write a dissertation.

In order to feel productive today I've decided to potty train Enzo. This is how my thought process works

woke up and thought "Today is Tuesday I have to work. Humm...will probably get nothing done I might as well potty train Enzo"

I asked Enzo is he wanted to use the potty. he said no. I asked him if he wanted to wear his Elmo underwear he said yes. I told him he could but he had to tell me when he was going to pee or poo so I could get him to the potty. He said he wouldn't tell me. Which he didn't. A second after I put the underwear he peed on his pants. I changed him and asked him if he wanted to wear another underwear or diaper and he said underwear. I told him that he had to tell me. He said NO POTTY. I didn't care and left him with his underwear. 10 minutes later he takes off his underwear and wants me to put a diaper on him. I can tell he needs to go poop.

me: "Enzo go poop in the potty"
Enzo: "No!" "Diaper"

I put a diaper on him and he goes poop immediately.

It's obvious he doesn't want to use the potty. Any suggestions? Also if someone has any suggestions on how to get me motivated to actually do something productive for my project let me know like...if you are BFFs with any undocumented immigrants who are farmworkers and have a hard time getting health insurance... (pregnant woman preferably) that would be great!


Bekah said...

Honestly, sounds like he's not ready. My suggestion is to just walk away, always put the undies option out there, but do not get invested in it. I've heard all sorts of horror stories from people who have pushed potty training on their kids. Everyone who just let it happen when it was the kid's idea says it was easy.

No undocumented workers here that I know of.

Mariko said...

I agree with Bekah. I know plenty of three year olds who are not potty trained. My situation is the other way around. Amaya loves to get on the potty, even poops on the potty 1/2 the time (if she's already on a roll she doesn't want to take her diaper off), but she doesn't understand when to pee, so it's pretty much impossible to tell her when to get on the potty. She does know that I don't want her to pee on the floor, though. When I was in the bathroom the other day I came out and she didn't have her diaper on (she takes her own diaper off about 5 billion times a day, not for any reason other than she can), and she was saying, "Ooops, oops" in a very frantic way. Yep, peed in the kitchen. At least she had the decency to pee on the tile. She definitely does not know how to hold it once nature calls.

Kaity DeMartini said...

Try the county health clinic. I bet the women there have friends who are undocumented.