Sunday, July 13, 2008

More pictures of the house

We didn't want to put these pictures on top of the Grimsman's, but we had some pictures that we wanted to add to their post. This is Jake Grimsman. For some reason, a lot of dragonflies have made this place their home; this one let us get really close to it. Beautiful.

Upstairs room
The back of the house
Long story: Our tithing money was laying under tealight candles in a bowl. The wax melted over it and created a wax envelope which protected it from the fire. Everything else on top of our tall dresser was charred. Here is Brian holding it, (and Nicky below), after Brian peeled away the wax. Each bill was actually coated in a thin layer of wax. Yes, he already got new bills at the bank and paid it. Grandma Carol Rhodes said, "Do you really think that He was going to let his money burn?" Ha Ha. Funny Grandma. Ironically, the night before the Firefighter retreived the tithing money, the Bishop's wife took us to Target to get some clothes and necessities for the upcoming week. They spent almost the same amount of money as we had in tithing, (a lot).

Mariah's crazy cat Princess had been living in the burnt home. Well she wasn't crazy before, but she definitely is now.

This beautiful gardenia was right in front of our home. That something so delicate withstood the fire that destroyed a home and could bloom so pure and white in the midst of these ashes is symbolic in so many ways. You really learn to look for beauty in all things after something like this.


Karen said...

Thank you, Liz for your story and your way of telling it. The gardenia!

Sienna said...

wow. that is crazy. it does make it seem more real for those of us so far away. i hope everything is going well.