Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Santa Cruz Board Walk

Yesterday we went with Victoria and Ben and kiddies to the Board walk. It was .75cent night which is just up our ally and hundreds of other people's too (TOTALLY PACKED). Luckily Enzo stayed in his stroller for most of the time, Via can't walk and Avi now walks around with a kiddie leash (monkey wrapped around his chest and a long cord that is the monkey's tail). Enzo LOVED the train ride. He went twice but would of gone more if either Christian or I had the patience to go again. He is NOT waving on the picture below. He's actually making his sign for stop. He was pretty terrified even though the thing was slower than the train ride. You'd think he's be fine on a deathly roller coaster since he seems pretty fearless. I guess boats that play annoying music can be a bit scary.
Oh wait, here's a better picture of his experience.
He also wasn't that into the flying dragon. I on the other hand seem to be tripping on acid. I always thought it was ridiculous how parents would watch their kids on kiddie rides and make a huge fuss. I still think it is but I've long given up my attempt of not being ridiculous. Not only do I get way more excited watching then he does riding but I also get excited riding with him. Like I said, the train ride was a hit and next time we'll just stick with that one. Chris and I got to go on some fun big people rides too. The roller coaster there is awesome. Really it is! If you come to visit us I'll take you and show you and I'll try hard to not embarrass you but I can't promise anything.
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Sienna said...

sound great. i remember having a lot of fun at the santa cruz boardwalk the last time we were there.

Hyde Family said...

It was so fun to hear from you. I have thought about you guys and wondered how you were doing. I am horrible at correspondence, but I think I can get into this blogging. Your little one is so cute. He is getting so big. Kaleb is getting baptized this August. Crazy. I am glad that you are well. Alissa Hyde