Monday, June 30, 2008


Last night I was looking for my watch (again)--the first time I found it in the ironing board cupboard (?). This time it was in a more predictable place, my suitcase. Then I was looking for the phone (under one of the pillows on the bed). As I was looking, Ada sweetly said, "You lost your watch again?" Then Ezra, with characteristic sensitivity assured me, "We loose things a lot in this house." Sweet, sweet kids.


Damaris said...

Christian just found hi under Enzo's bed.

I wish we could come and visit you guys. I really miss those cute kids. I'm bummed I don't know Tenney as well as Ada and Ezra.

Damaris said...

(his watch)

pps. It's super cold here. It's been cold since you left. Ana Paula came over yesterday and asked about you.

Pamela Palmer said...

nice of her. it was fun to watch you two together. cold sounds nice.

Mariko said...

Man. Sounds like you're having... fun? :) We're missing the Pam influence around here. Seriously.