Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kamakura beach day

Yesterday, M had a day off from school, so we decided to take Mariko and Amaya to Kamakura. Jesse took us on an amazingly long walk that included several shrines, yummy soba and tempura, and finished at the best place of all. The beach. The water has warmed up significantly and the kids jumped right in. G was ecstatic to be in the water. She tried to swim and body surf. You could see the immense joy on her dad's face as he realized he finally has a surf buddy in G. We're looking forward to more beach days this summer. btw, Amaya was not at all interested in our beach. I'd say she's just a bit jaded.

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Jesse said...

I must say, it was pretty heart warming to see Gwyn get in the water and immediately try to start catching waves. For someone who really can't swim all that well, she definitely has the basics down. I would like to think it's genetic, but more likely, ever since she was old enough to know what is going on, she's seen me doing it and wanted to get in. Can't wait to teach her how to swim and get her on a board.