Sunday, June 29, 2008

But she's a Mormon...

being a Mormon means lots of things. It means that you let your husband take the YM on an activity that YOU really wanted to do (climbing) but instead you stay back to take care of the babe. One thing that it doesn't mean (usually) is getting stop for drunk driving!

Yesterday I got pulled over for the first time and it was because of drunk driving.

Christian got home at 8:30, he said he would be home at 7:00 but like every good Mormon he was late. We were supposed to be at my friend's birthday at 7:30. Christian got home and Enzo wasn't asleep. It's an effort to get Enzo to take a nap. I really didn't want him to take one yesterday because I wanted him to be asleep by 7:00 so that our friends wouldn't have to get him down. In the afternoon while Enzo was playing out in the yard he fell asleep on top of the buggy board. Of course the one day I don't want him to sleep he does, but that's a given.

This is already longer than I intended. To make a long story short Chris got home late and I ended up going to the party by myself. I hate driving at night and rarely do. It was totally hard to see and I was going super slow and swerving a little, dangerous I know. So the cops pulled me over

cops: have you been drinking?
me: what? no
cop: nothing
me: no (super nervous)
cop: please look into the light and follow my finger. Follow my finger. FOLLOW MY FINGER
me: (I couldn't follow his finger I was so nervous) sorry sir I'm really nervous
cop: do you have any reason to be nervous?
me: well...
cop: why are your head lights out?
me: oh, I don't know (really I didn't. like I said I never drive at night
cop: let me see your driver's license,registration and insurance
me: ok (after a LONG time I find everything)
cop leaves and my friends who are coming down the street approach me and ask what happen I tell that the cops think I'm drunk. they can tell I'm super nervous
very loud friend: hey Mr. Cop is she o.k?
cop: yeah, we're afraid your friend has been drinking
very loud friend: But that's ridiculous shes a Mormon she never drinks
cop : (to me) you're a Mormon? (he thinks this is hilarious he yells out to the other cop that I'm a Mormon and they both laugh, the two friends laugh and I laugh not because I think it's funny but because I'm so nervous at that point it seemed rational to laugh)
cop: let me see your headlights. (he reaches inside the car and fumbles with it and realizes that it's not working)
cop: don't drive this car home o.k
me: o.k
cop: (to other cop) she's a Mormon (and laughs)

I didn't get a ticket. I have no idea why they thought me being a Mormon was hilarious. I don't care, I'm just glad I didn't get a ticket. I'm also glad I didn't get in an accident driving around town with no head lights. what was I thinking?


Pamela Palmer said...

maybe it's the same kind of humor that made ms. stromgren think it funny when mormon girls at kahuku get pregnant. how hilarious. (me not cailin)

Jesse said...

Glad you didn't get a ticket. I hope that car is not cursed for you. I replaced a bulb on one of the lights before, so it might just be that. It's super easy and there are extra bulbs in the glove box, I guess. That's pretty funny. or you should be happy they thought it was funny, i guess. We got pulled over for a broken brake light. But then it took me a while to get it fixed and I was paranoid whenever I saw cops for a while after that. Chris told me you need to get it registered in your name. We have the title and will send it to you. Shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Anonymous said...

Damaris, I laughed so hard, mostly because the same thing happened to me 10 year ago. No ticket and learned I was just not a good night driver. So glad you did not have to spend the night in the slammer! Thanks for sharing! Love, Tricia G.