Sunday, May 18, 2008

The other Lorenzo

The only other Lorenzo we know around here is the San Lorenzo river. It's a beautiful river that cuts through Santa Cruz. It's been HOT for the last couple days, like in the 90s and we are lovin' it to no end. Yesterday we enjoyed the river by going to a swimming hole and then to the River Arts Festival.

We went hiking with some friends to the river so we could try out the rope swing. Enzo and I hung out watching the boys do their crazy rope swing moves.

Then I got brave and did it. The scary part was the cold water but hanging outside was just too hot and Enzo totaly pressured me to do it. It was funny. He kept on telling me to go jump. Christian was loving it. He appreciates not having to be the one pressuring me anymore to do these things.

We pressured Christian to do a double back flip. It turned out to not be such a great idea.

Then we went to the River Arts Festival. It was amazing. Lots of god music, installation art, food, and of course awesome things that you just drool over and wish you were a millionaire so you could buy it all.

My favorite vendors were there. Their stuff is beyond drooling. There was seriously a line so you could get to their booth. One woman that was there told me that Musi's jewelry is her addiction.

I am addicted! I bought these earings and ring made by Vanessa. My birthday coupon has been redeemed.


Kaity DeMartini said...

I love the earrings and ring you picked. The pictures are beautiful. It has been hot here too. I wish I was jumping into that water right now.

Karen said...

lovely report. scary swan corp de ballet. glad you are enjoying your days. please be careful on the rope swing... :)