Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!

We hope you had a great Japanese birthday. In our side of the world your birthday has just begun and we are thinking of you and wishing you a happy day.

I used to think that Bekah and I had nothing in common. But the fact that we married twins who look alike might say something. I'm glad we were able to spend time together this summer. It really made me appreciate Bekah, especially because I always felt frazzled and she pretty much had it together. It made a huge difference when we were getting ready to move.

Out of the top of my head here are some things I admire about her.
  1. If it wasn't for her blog this blog and so many other blogs wouldn't exist. She started the whole blogging trend for the Palmers and friends and her blog continues to be the best (in my opinion)
  2. When I went on my honeymoon I would call and check up on Iris. Every single time, without fail, Iris would tell that she was fine and that Bekah had done something for her. It usually involved good food. Thank you for that, by the way.
  3. On that same note, this summer Bekah took Iris to see Jack Johnson at the BYUH pool. Iris adores her because of it.
  4. Last year's Christmas break Bekah and I went shopping at old Navy and she was stoked about this cute shirt she got. During the summer Miriam wanted to wear this same shirt to go to sleep. I thought for sure Bekah wouldn't let her. She did let her and totally didn't care. I realized that she cares about the things that matter and that's what makes her such a good mom.
  5. Bekah is raising two of the most fascinating and fun little people I know.
  6. SUPER generous. I can not handle stingy people, especially with food. Bekah is not stingy at all. Whenever we went to Ted's bakery she would always buy my something without even asking. Oh and she gave us her car... generous!
  7. She is thrifty. This seems to be a pre-requresite to marry into the Palmer family. Bekah not only does a good job at this but she also shares her thriftness with others. For example, she found me a used breast pump which I used the whole first year of Enzo's life. and am saving for future breast feeding years.
  8. She makes yummy things. The first gigerbread house I ever had was Bekah's creation. The first monkey bread I ever had was also Bekah's creation and now I am obsessed with it.
  9. She is the queen of the bookworms. This is obvious to anyone who has spend more than an hour with Bekah. However, I thought I'd mention it since she is the only mother I know who can still read and watch her kids. She'll probably say that she doesn't do a good job of watching kids while she reads but given that G and M are alive and well I think her system is working.
  10. Even though we had some falling out before my wedding she was still nice enough to make Christian and I a beautiful quilt for our wedding present that I love and cherish.
  11. She made Enzo a quilt that he loves and cherishes.
  12. She loves and cherishes Enzo.
  13. She is always wearing something cool on her feet. I am totally jelouse of her shoe collection.
  14. She is efficient when it comes to shopping. Even for shoes. I've seen her do it at Ross.
  15. She is a total hands on kind of person. This is evident when she's helping others and things need to get done.
  16. She makes the most beautiful flower arrangements I have ever seen. We were lucky to have her arrangements with Pammy's tropical flowers during Christmas break.
  17. I haven't seen her garden but I've heard good things from Sienna and I pretty much appreciate anyone who takes the time to garden.
  18. She believes in social justice and is aware of what is going on in the world.
  19. She's the only other person that I've met that is not super neat but that loves a clean bathroom.
  20. She speaks Portuguese. We haven't spoken much in Portuguse since Brazilian and Portugal Portuguese is different but let me say that having another person sing happy brithday in Portuguese is really nice. It takes the presure off Christian and I who sing terribly.
  21. Not only does she sing Parabens pra voce beautifully, she also sings everything beautifully.
  22. She plays the piano. Total useful talent.
  23. I convinced her to take on this teaching job with me during the summer. Our boss was crazy. The job was crazy. She never blamed me for getting her involved and even watched Enzo for me the second week I did it alone.
  24. I really appreciated our one on one conversations, mostly during our drive to the crazy job.
  25. I think from all the Palmers she's the one who has lived the most internationally.
  26. If I had lived in as many countries as Bekah has I would brag. She doesn't brag. I appreciate not bragging.
  27. I really admire how she handles teasing from Jesse's brothers. I handle it terribly, that's why I admire it. Bekah, you're gonna have to give me some tips on this one.
  28. Bekah was the first family member to ever contact me when Christian announced that we were dating.
  29. Bekah doesn't pretend that her life is Christmas letter perfect. It's evident in her blog and in conversations. This takes guts and maturity.
  30. She seems to make the most of life's circumstances also evident in her blog and conversations. It really takes guts to do all she's doing in Tokyo, like taking her kids to fun places even though she can't even read street signs. I come from a big city I know how intimidating it can be. Also the fact that she had G in Taiwan and is now doing fertility treatment in Japan really exemplifies this.
  31. Bekah can go from looking normal to looking amazing in 5 minutes flat. I've seen her come in and out of the bathroom wearing makeup and something awesome in a very short amount of time and looking totally good. It takes most of us a lot longer and with a lot more gadgets.
  32. Most people who wear red look terrible and I resent it. Bekah looks amazing in red. I think the above picture speaks for itself.
Happy 32nd Birthday Bekah!


noelle said...

Happy Birthday Bekah! You're such a kind, thoughtful person. It's been fun getting to know you over all these years. :)

Yesenia said...

Happy Birthday Bekah! You are such an awesome person who gives great advice, cares about me (and everyone), and is real; i love that about you. I hope you have an amazing day and I hope to see you soon! Love you!

Sienna said...

Happy Birthday Bekah! I've always liked talking to you and appreciate that you still like me even though you met me when I was young and immature. I love your family and appreciate that you are a part of ours.

Although, I do have a question regarding #27, do "jesse's brothers" tease. I had no idea. Maybe I am immune.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Bekah. I too wish you a very happy birthday. (day after in japan) What great times in sacramento. you are so straight and in tune. it was neat that you were around when my dad had a moment of lucidity. i have enjoyed the walks with the girls and your making the sacramento temple an important part of your summer in 2006. i just got back from hawaii and missed you since you were there the last time i went. i admire your thinking and beauty and genuine grace. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Bekah said...

So much kindness! I love you all. I miss family so much. I can't wait to see all of you.

Pamela Palmer said...

You'll have to wait for your predictable present (more tie dye?). I'll send it with Mariko. Can't wait to reconnect with you and yours when you get back. Love your blog, even though you'd never know it from my infrequent responses (if anything on the computer is hard, I immediately give up).

Kaity DeMartini said...

Happy birthday Bekah. We miss you guys so so so much. Come back! I don't know what you were thinking when you decided to go to Japan. Didn't you know we needed you here?

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday. I loved reading Demaris' list because it reminded me of so many things I knew about you, but haven't articulated.

Looking forward to seeing you next time you are here.

Mariko said...

The best thing about Bekah is that I can always count on her to share in my cooking desires for baking goodies. I was scared of baking until I watched Bekah make scones and biscuits several times. I also ate pigs' feet for the first time because of Bekah, and it was actually really good. Amazing. Basically, Bekah can even make scary food taste good. That takes talent. Besides that she understands how important it is to think about and plan food. I have always admired that Bekah looks at a hard situation coming up and somehow manages it with a "we can do it" attitude. She's not a complainer about grad school applications, budgeting, moving to foreign countries, and having kids. I'm strictly a comfort zone person. Plus, she has an awesome smile and can laugh at almost anything. Happy birthday, two days removed, since you're in Japan. I am SO excited to see you guys in three weeks!

Anonymous said...

All these nice things about Bekah make me very proud and happy to be her mother.