Monday, May 19, 2008


Our next door neighbors are moving back to Minnesota on Wednesday. We are SO sad. Enzo and Avry are super good buddies, Ben (the dad) and Christian mountain bike together, Shannon and I like to gossip about our neighbors...what will we do without them? One thing I know I won't do without them is get a hair cut, at least not for a long time. Shannon is an Aveda hair dresser who has given me 4 haircuts since I've moved here. Last week I got one more trim and today Enzo got his. There's nothing easier than taking your kid to the neighbor's house, putting him in front of the TV, giving him some snacks, and coming out with a great hair cut. We will miss them. I'm also already missing Enzo's curls but he seems to enjoy it.


Karen said...

miss the locks. still handsome as always.

Damaris said...

Karen, you are always so sweet.I am really missing his curls today. he seems older without them. It makes me sad. Are you going to Yosemite with us? I hope so. If not then come to Santa Cruz and spend some time with while Pammy is here.

Jesse said...

Looking good enzo.