Friday, April 4, 2008

remember her?

Chloe is so BIG! I wish she and Enzo still had play dates. They've both grown and by what I can tell they share something very important in common, an Elmo obsession. I just got an e-mail from Ali and soon baby Mateo will be here (hopefully). By looking at Chloe we can only imagine how amazingly cute this kid will be. I am taking the liberty to post her smugmug account so you can see more pictures of Chloe
I know Ali won't mind. Plus she's too busy being overdue.


Yesenia said...

i miss them so much! that's why i'm going to dc in may! if you guys want me to bring anything for them, give them to me when i get to california. thanks for the pics da!

Bekah said...

Wow. So cute. Who has moved to DC?

Damaris said...

Lehi got a job in DC. They are now living in a suburb right outside of DC.