Tuesday, April 1, 2008

on being back

we got back today at around 3:00pm and I had class from 6:00-9:00pm. This is when you regret coming back the day school starts, oops I mean a day later. Getting to Brazil was awful (long trip) coming back was awesome. Enzo has graduated to having his own seat and it makes ALL the difference. He watched cartoons and slept. I was so excited that he slept that I also fell asleep for the first time ever on a plane. I'm kicking myself for not trying to sleep right when he fell asleep. Instead I stayed up and watched P.S I love You. Terrible movie, don't waste your time.

Being in Brazil was fun. We pretty much ate and hung out with family. Enzo had a MEGA birthday party. I'll have to give full details later but for now I'll leave you with the fact that my mom bought 45 lbs of meat for the feijoada. It was days and days of production. In retrospect it was all wonderful but he will not get another party like that until his wedding. We are having a birthday party here on Saturday at the park with no decorations, hopefully not too many plastic toy presents, and only cake and water if I am feeling generous. I'm doing it because my friends here want to celebrate his birthday. Plus I convinced Kaity and Danny to come for the weekend.

I had this brilliant fantasy while I was in Brazil that I would start swimming this quarter. Today I already gave that idea up. Too cold for this wimpy one. What exercise can I do other than move my mouth and up down and swallow food? I still can't jog much less dance. I can walk for about 5 minutes without pain and then I start regretting standing up. What should I do? Any suggestions?

good news, Enzo weened himself from his pacifier. We had nothing to do with it. We tried stuffing it in his mouth several times since it took us hours, yes hours, to put him to sleep every night. bad news, hours to get Enzo asleep. Today he was exhausted so apparently he went down quick. Chris had him 'cuz I was in class. I gotta sleep, tomorrow I have him all day.


Bekah said...

Isn't there a heated pool you can swim in at school. That's what I do. No need to be pammy in the polar bear club, as tough as that is. Or sit ups, push ups, etc. Jesse

Damaris said...

Bekah the pools here are semi heated not enough for my taste, I need to toughen up a bit. Sit ups are much needed, good idea.

Mariko said...

I've recently decided that pull ups are also a good idea, and weights, but you know, I haven't done any. They sound very good. I'm still advocating yogatoday.com, and I know your foot hurts, but it's probably better than walking or running on your joints. You could just skip the video to the seated positions and etc. Semi-heated pools become very hot very quickly when you are swimming. You actually start wishing they weren't heated at all by the time you do a couple of laps. I dropped out of swim team after 2 days my sophomore year because my new high school had a heated pool, and it was just FREAKIN' hot. After the 500 meter warm up it was too awful to start the real exercising.

Damaris said...

oh yeah Yoga, good idea. I can't do videos but I can sign up for a Yoga class that way I'll be forced to go. Videos require a lot of self motivation which is just not happening right now.