Thursday, April 24, 2008

Me and Little G

With M at school for 6+ hours a day, G and I have been busy having fun. She loves to play at the park making meals for me out of sand. We also go to the children's center and jump on the trampoline or play with their toys. Today we went out to sushi with some of our friends. G only ate one tamago sushi, though she didn't eat that much when we got home either. Tomorrow we're going to learn how to crochet. And last week she came while I covered my tea box. We're also taking long walks so I can get some endurance for hiking. She's a swell partner and always game for an adventure. We have some museums and fabric stores to visit after golden week. The trick is bringing snacks and water and not balking at buying more. Remembering that she's doing me a favor helps keep it all in perspective. And always bringing the stroller, that's a must.


Damaris said...

what a perfect BFF! jumping on trampolines?! man I wish we had a community center like that.

Karen said...

g is regular bigger girl. she has always been good company.