Monday, April 28, 2008

bye-bye friends

We have been very blessed to find good friends and neighbors here in Santa Cruz. This weekend Ben and Victoria decided to accept Berkley Law School's offer. I am so glad they didn't pick NYU and will be only a an hour and half away. We have grown to love this family and their kids so much. We swap baby sitting with them all the time and Enzo and Avi have really become friends. It's so amazing seeing their interactions and how much they love and enjoy each other. It's gotten to the point where Enzo will walk to their house whenever he wants. I am very sad they are leaving and really have no idea how we'll manage without them next year. Our next door neighbors Shannon and Ben are leaving in a couple weeks. He has accepted a job back in Minnesota where they are from. She just had a baby last week and her name is Cecilia. Her son Avry is also a sweet kid and Enzo's good buddy. We share a yard with both families and we have really enjoyed just hanging out and letting our kids play together. Here are some pictures with our friends.


noelle said...

enzo looks so happy playing with his friends! that's sad that they're leaving.

Mariko said...

Enzo is so so cute. I will be sure to have lots of daughters so that there will be a guarantee of at least one that he will like.

Damaris said...

Mighty, hopefully one of your daughters will like a guy who doesn't sleep well at night. I think it's his trade mark and since I've been feeling VERY sleep deprived this past week I am convinced that his sleeping habits will never get better.