Thursday, March 27, 2008

Natalie's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Natalie! 72 years, believe it or not! David's invited local family over for Italian food tonight. Natalie is good and a very devoted big sister. She's the oldest yet so childlike. When we go for a walk, she gathers some of nature's gifts. She has accomplised a lot, yet never seems in a hurry. Also she created the stories of "tip and tap" for those who have known of them (bedtime tales). She has been COUGHING for too many years to count and just last week a specialist diagnosed asthma and says she won't need to cough anymore now she is on the medicine. She was happy realizing (if he turns out to be right) that she can SING in the choir. Or sing anywhere. I love you Natalie! As they say, "I am HAPPY you were born!"


Karen said...

Comment from Mimi:
Today's Natalie's birthday! She asked if she was worth the cost of entry. "Many times," I said. She's a wonderful daughter and person. I'm lucky to be related. (and to everybody else too) Love to her and everyone.

Bekah said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! You're a great aunt to us, both ways! The girls love to play at your house, you're so fun.

Kaity DeMartini said...

Nanny--you have been nothing but nice to me my whole life--never one moment I can remember of anything but nurturing and loving. You have set a great pattern for all of the rest of us to follow. I have always looked up to you as a newly wed, a young married, and then as you had a family across the street. Your household was a wonderful extension of ours. Your family is family. I love and feel close to them all even the ones I hardly see. David has been so good to me here. Hope you have a wonderful cough free year. Pam