Sunday, March 23, 2008

Feliz Páscoa

We haven't started our festivities so I don't have any recent pictures but here is one from last year.

Happy Easter from Brazil. It's fun that this blog is being read in so many different parts of the world. How do you celebrate Easter where you are at? Here we give big chocolate eggs that are hollow inside. The adult eggs are usually filled with more candy. The kids' eggs are filled with cheap plastic toys that the parents hate but the kids love. The other great thing that happens is that we have a big B-B-Que. Most people who lent give up meat and so today is the day to make up for the 40 meat less days. We are going to have a B-B-Que at my grandma's house. I want to help more but even though I love cooking I don't make the cut for helping at family functions.

Have a happy Easter and please share some pictures from the traditional egg hunt. Last year was the first time I ever did an egg hunt and I loved it.

Beijos, Dá


Karen said...

Happy Easter. Natalie and I just dyed some eggs. bright and basic. missing the hunt and kids. love to you in brazil.

Kaity DeMartini said...

Enzo is so cute. I'm glad you guys got there safe and are having fun. I miss you. See you for Enzo's California B-day.