Monday, March 10, 2008

naughty, naughty

Having my foot broken and also a combination of beautiful weather and time has made Enzo more independent. We share a gated backyard with other families which is very nice. Usually he wants one of us outside with him but recently he goes out by himself and is content in playing outside with other kids. He can open our back door, our little gate and away he goes. Needless to say Christian and I are really enjoying this new independence. We hang out at home and once in a while we check and see where he's at. It's not great parenting but very convenient parenting. The other thing that has been happening lately is that both he and Avi, who lives on the other side of the yard, will go to each other's houses. When this happens we usually call the other parent to let them know that their kid is with us. However, their rambunctiousness leads them to only stay at each other's house for about 10 minutes and then run outside and then go to the other persons house. Needless to say it's kind of hard keeping up with them (not really but we're lazy and relaxed). Today Avi came over and stayed for a while. Then his parents Ben and Victoria came over and hung out. Ben took Avi and Enzo followed. Victoria stayed talking to us for about 15 minutes. When she left I asked her to call me in case Enzo WASN'T at her house. Of course he wasn't and she called frantically and running back telling us that he wasn't there. Great, where was Enzo? Had he opened up the main gate? had he climbed the gate and escaped as he has done before? We found him at another neighbor's house sitting on their couch in the dark eating their goldfish crackers. To top it off these neighbors weren't even inside their house. He had opened their back gate, their back door and went in. luckily he was fine, a little too fine.


Bekah said...

Miriam would go and visit Will and Leslie, our neighbors around the corner (they didn't have kids). Gwyn would usually follow (she was 16-18 months at the time). I would also find them at Claire's house. Watching tv and eating chinese food. We trained Will to ask them if they had gotten permission to come visit. It was way easier than training the kids. Neighbor kids would always come over and want to come inside, so we'd make them go home and ask their parent's permission first. But sometimes Irene, whose English was a bit spotty, would lie and we'd see her mom searching the backyard frantically. We haven't had any breaking and entering. Not yet, at least.

Mariko said...

Amaya saw Enzo's picture and I said "Isn't Enzo cute?" She said, "Cute ENZO!" I agree.

Kaity DeMartini said...

That is nightmare material for me. There was a girl in our ward whose son would disappear all the time. It was scary not being able to find him. They are now in Jesse and Bekah's ward.