Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In honor of Aaron

Aaron is the person you want when you want a long arm picture.
The quality will probably be totally awful but just a little clip
of what Karen talked about, Aaron as a Shepard on Christmas eve. Classic Aaron!


Yesenia said...

awesome pic and clip. good times, good times.

Anonymous said...

Aaron you handsome devil!
We hope you had a great birthday yesturday. Lipmans only get better with age. We loved seeing you at Christmas as you light up the room and make us all laugh. My kids still laugh when they repeat what you said to Cami while reheasing for the Hunt family manger scene re-enactment. Cami had looked at you with those sassy pre-teen eyes and said something to the effect of "so you think you are a wise guy...well, I am THE angel" to which you responed..."well, you're not very bright" Ha Ha. All my kids think you and Jake are the coolest cats in town and I hate to admit it but I think they are right.
We love you birthday
boy Aaron!
Love, Grimsmans