Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Sienna

Happy Birthday Sienna. Since we are living in the future over here, we get to be the first to wish you a happy 23rd. Congratulations. Already graduated, too. You guys seem to have lots of fun, good plans and possibilities. We want you to come here, but we know you'll have fun where ever you go, since that's how you are.
Here is a picture from the archives. You caught a lot of waves that day. We loved having you. You played with the girls, did our dishes, etc. If only all guests were that easy to have around.
I know it wasn't easy to be the youngest in a family with so many people who know everything, but you handle it with grace, good humor, and style. Keep us posted in your exciting new life.


Yesenia said...

Happy birthday Sienna! Thanks for always being a great cousin and best friend. I miss you so much and I want you to know that I love you and look up to you. I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Damaris said...

Sienna is definitely a very good guest. She was beyond helpful when she came to Brazil. I loved that I was able to introduce you to my family, show you the feiras, sacolao, Sao Paulo, and even more that we were able to get out of the city and travel around a bit. I love your calm presence. Loved seeing you so many times in NY!

Thanks for planning my entire wedding, doing all the flower arrangements, all the decorations, the cake, etc. It was nice to take the stress away from me. I did get worried when after my wedding you said that you were going to elope just so you wouldn't have to organize another party. oops! Thanks for doing all that for me and making it seem super easy. I AM glad you planned your wedding. It was beautiful. But beyond that I am glad you married someone so wonderful that you truly love. It was so nice getting to visit you two in Utah and seeing your little niche. It felt wonderful to see how Tony treats you.

Feliz Aniversario minha cunhadinha gatinha! Te amo muito! Da

Apt #6 said...

I've had the pleasure of Sienna's knowledge, friendship, adventure and love in my life. I am truly a better person because of her! Just today I had a memory of camping in the forest of Nauvoo in a site that did not allow you to use the restrooms after 8pm. Sienna has spent her precious energy in helping me achieve my dreams. I adore you Sien! I can't wait to meet Tony.--Love and Aloha Jamie Nichols!

Pamela Palmer said...

and you look so svelte in your wetsuit! happy birthday beautiful s. sienna is a peach
white outside and
sweet around the pit.

love you enough to let you move to someplace i don't live if that's the best place for you to live.

Pamela Palmer said...

Hi dear///Loved the wet suit picture1 We)re getting ready to join David Jr., Michele, Steve and all for SuperBowl. The ads are mostly gross this year. Sometimes I really like them. I think it could be big fun to take a creative writing or a ceramic class . We are having big fun with Pam and roomies. Fred is here also and it makes for some good meals and passionate discussions. Your Mom's Bday is tomorrow...she looks great. I cant wait to meet Tony. Come hang with us in Martinez..we can do San Francisco. Happy Birthday girl. If you were here we could celebrate. Love you lots. Auntie Shelley.

christian said...

Sienna was always the coolest in the family. I remember when I got back from my mission and everyone at BYU-H knew me as Sienna's brother even though she was still in high school. Combine that the cool factor with genuine sweetness and mellowness and you've got wonderful sienna. Plus she came and visited Brazil, which was way fun. Love you a lot and hope have an amazing birthday.

noelle said...

happy birthday sienna!! you've been a great friend to me throughout the years. i always thought you were THE coolest person and wanted to hang out with you. i like that you didn't treat me like a little obnoxious kid, even though i was/am one. :) but you were always nice to me and showed me that you loved me. once in 5th grade i was filling out a questionnaire and it said, who is your role model, and i wrote "my cousin sienna" because i looked up to you (and still do.) i remember watching you read your scriptures, and work on personal progress, and write in your journal, read good books, do you homework. i admire how you are so sincere and thoughtful and kind. you are patient too. there have been so many times when i have gotten really upset about things, and acted immature, and instead of discounting my feelings or blowing me off, you help me sort through my frustration. you are like austin, in that you both are always the first ones to apologize. you are so humble. I have much to learn from you. And, to top it all off, you have a great sense of humor and liven up any conversation. and you were willing to not do your homework and hang out with me when i came to utah. you and tony were so nice to me and hoku and showed us a great time.

i love you so much, sienna. thank you for all that do you, and the person that you are.

love, noelle

Kaity DeMartini said...

Happy Birthday! You are my best sister in the whole world. I can't even begin to recount all of the things you've done for me in my life. The most recent and huge was coming for Zeke's birth. You took care of all of us like a natural. You are so good at swooping in and taking responsibility naturally and easily. I really admire that because it is something that I am not good at. Thank you so much for coming to be with us for the birth (even though you had so much to do to get ready for the wedding). It was a huge weight off of me knowing that we could just leave anytime and Gio would be fine. You are the nicest baby sister ever. I love you so much. I hope you had a really good birthday.

Sienna said...

Thanks for all the great comments. I feel very loved. I had a great birthday. I love all the comments and pictures. Thank you.