Monday, February 4, 2008


Happy Birthday Mommy! I hope you already know how much I love you. I am sure I don't realize everything you have done for me, but I am grateful anyway. You have been the most beautiful example to me of always being motivated by love and true concern. Thank you for helping me so much since I have been away, always listening to my meltdowns. I definitely rely on you still. I hope you have a really beautiful and relaxing day.


noelle said...

Happy Birthday Pammy! I definitely appreciate your presence and influence in my life. you've been a great teacher, mentor, aunt, friend. you are one of the best people to talk to; you listen intently and give good advice. you have a calm and soothing demeanor that radiates from your beautiful and strong testimony, which i have really appreciated. i love spending time with you and am so happy that you were born and that we are related. hope your day was great.

love, noelle.

Bekah said...

We adore Pamela. The other day Miriam said "I have an idea. After daddy finishes with school, he should get a job in Hawaii so we can live by Grandma Pammy. And her trampoline. Is that a good idea?"


Thank you for being the dream mother in law. It has made me the oddball among friends and acquaintances because I have no psycho mother in law stories. (and I've heard some doozies!)

You are always generous and kind. You've forgiven me over and over again, more like a mother would treat her daughter. I've loved being a part of the family. We can't wait to visit again, though we wish it could be sooner. But you could always come to Japan.

Pamela Palmer said...

thank you noelle--for forgiving me more than once. discretion is not the better part of my "wisdom" or whatever you want to call it. suffice it to say though, i truly love you very much.

and bekah, thank you for being willing to come back (again and again). i'm so glad you married jesse (and he you). i love reading your blog, getting to know another side of you. i laughed out loud at one of the last posts. very good therapy for me. keep writing.