Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gaviota Hot Springs

Last Saturday we went to Gaviota Hot Springs. It was really fun. Gio loved swimming. It was the perfect depth for him. He was jumping and going under the whole time. Doyle and Lizzy and Logan came with us. Zeke was lovin the water. He was just splashing and laughing the whole time. We decided to check it out because we had had a lot of rain. The top pool was really nice but the bottom one was pretty gross.

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adam said...

looks a lot nicer than last time. It's on the bottom of my blog. It wasn't too hot last time. Kind of fun though. Like the licorice plants on the way up.

Sienna said...

Looks really nice. I am glad that water was a good depth for Gio. I have been craving swimming, but the only way to really to go is to join a gym, so sad. I guess I could go to the hot springs, but it would be more like sitting than swimming.Great pics.

noelle said...

wow the water is so pretty! looks like your boys are having so much fun. i wish i could hang out and play with you guys.

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