Monday, December 17, 2007

On Vacation!

Today we officially started our vacation. We are done with our work and we finally submitted our grades in.

It was a very good first day of break. Chris went surfing in the morning and Enzo slept in till 8:30. We then took Enzo and Avi to the library which was a bit crazy but we tiered them out which was good. We all took a nap in the afternoon and hung out at home making lists of things to do during our break and around the house. It's amazing that when both Chris and I are home and have nothing to do Enzo just plays by himself. When we are alone and want to get something done it's totally impossible.

To inaugurate our break Chris and I went to a Spa later in the evening and soaked in the hot tubs for a couple hours. Enzo stayed with his friend Avi and new baby Via. I am so glad our friend Victoria is completely ADD and has enough energy to watch her toddler, new born and Enzo. Her husband Ben was home to help. We were definitely thankful though. We enjoyed the alone time and soaking the remaining stress of the quarter away.


Karen said...

i'm honored you are coming to spend some of your precious days with us. ballet and d.i. and games and walks. love you all...

Damaris said...

Karen, the highlight of our vacation is going to be Sacramento I am so EXCITED to go to the Ballet!!!!! I am also very excited to see everyone.