Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a LONG account of Christmas

(us with our friends Ben, Victoria, Benavi and Via)
Last Thursday we left to go to Sacramento. We were greeted by Kaity and the boys (and Mimi and Karen of course). It was so fun to hang out with them. Gio is so funny. He can peel tangerines all by himself and is a chatter box. He and Enzo played super well together maybe because it was neutral ground and neither felt possessive over the toys that were there. Gio was very patient with Enzo's lack of speech and they did a good job a communicating through gestures. Zeke is a total ham for the camera. He stands up against furniture and he can even stay standing for a couple seconds without touching anything. He's amazingly mobile. As always I was totally inspired by Kaity's energy and patience. She is an excellent mom! On Friday we went shopping at DI and the super market. Mimi was able to get a nice big Turkey for .99 cents a pound even though they were all out, they made an exception and gave her a more expensive one for the sale price. Christian found snowboarding boots at DI and I found some red shoes. At night Chris, Mimi and I went to watch the Nutcracker. I was SOOOOOO anxious I could hardly wait but tried very hard to be composed. It was beautiful (of course) and I want to be the sugar plum fairy when I grow up more than anything at this point. Karen, Kaity and the boys went to visit Liz and Bryan. Enzo stayed with Yesenia and Anna at their house. When we went to pick him up he was totally happy watching Sesame Street and eating popcorn.
On Saturday Chris and I left early in the morning to go to Oakland. One of my best friends, Silvia, from Brazil moved to San Francisco two years ago and was getting married. We've hung out a couple times since I've moved here and the best part is that they will be moving to Santa Cruz in January. It was great to go to her sealing. The whole experience was pretty amusing. The sister who guided everyone to the sealing room was very rude and loud and would not stop talking. The sealer spoke Portuguese and English and decided that he would do the whole wedding (talking and the actual ceremony) in both languages. He started out doing good but then he would start speaking English and then jump to Portuguese and not really translate but continue on these weired tangents. The room was packed and unfortunately I think out of 50 or so people that were there only 4 of us actually understood everything he was saying. Her mom was there and that made it really special. We had been praying that her mom and sister would get a visa and it was very cool to see them there. After the ceremony Chris and I hung out at the temple and did a session and some sealings along with a Tongan family. The sealer COULD NOT pronounce any one's names including the English names. Everyone just burst out laughing every time he tried. Needless to say the whole day was not that reverent but surprisingly spiritual. In the evening we drove out to the reception. It was beautiful! His family threw a great party. It was very fancy the type with lots of forks. We had a good time and were very thankful for Karen who watched Enzo the entire day. Sunday we went to church and rested. On Monday Yesenia, Anna and I did some last minute shopping. It was good to hang out with Yesenia. I really missed her and I hope she has a wonderful time in Michigan. Chris stayed and helped Mimi with the Turkey and rolls. Karen again helped with Enzo (she's pretty much the best babysitter ever). The party was a lot of fun. It was good to see everyone again! The Lipmans did a wonderful job with the Nativity scene, Aaron was a good wise man. You know your doing good when you have enough kids to do a whole Nativity pageant. Enzo had a lot of fun with Logan and Broady (Liz's kids). We left with food and cute presents. We made it home in record time and had Christmas morning just the three of us. It was nice. Enzo didn't care too much for his presents. He liked opening them but mainly just wanted to play with his old Lego blocks. He loved these Legos that we found at the laundry free bin, our favorite place to shop. I gave Chris some sweat pants and sweater that are too big for him and guide books to Yosemite and hot springs. He gave me an ipod (WOAH!) and a chocolate cook book which he expects me to use with frequency. We also appreciated our gifts from Hawaii, thank you Mighty and Adam! After Enzo's nap we went for a walk at the beach and the sunset was out of this world. I know it sounds cheesy but it was really quite amazing and a nice way to be thankful for the savior and the beautiful earth we have. At night we went to visit our friends Ben and Victoria and Avi and Via. His family rented a house here in Santa Cruz for Christmas and invited us over for Christmas dinner. We've been stuffed for days and didn't really want to eat but the company was nice and Enzo and Avi had missed each other and had a good time playing/fighting/tackling. We had a wonderful Christmas. We hope you guys did too. Christian is not very good at calling his family. I'm good at calling mine but they're not good at ever answering the phone. My mom said they were too busy having fun at the beach, go figure. I took lots of pictures. none are that great. I'll post some but excuse the red eye I'm feeling too lazy to try and edit them right now. Next quarter I'm taking a photo class hopefully my picture taking skills will improve. I also have some videos and will upload them later. Beijos

Avi was really happy to see Enzo.

Christmas morning
Liz and Bryan should live in Santa Cruz. Bryan and Chris can go surfing, Liz and I could hang out more and Enzo could play with Broady and Logan.

trying and failing at being sexy. Sarah did pretty good

on demand Sesame Street. Enzo was in heaven
Chris complained that he wouldn't know anyone at the wedding. He ended up knowing more people than me

He knows he's cute
when Kaity and I saw each other on Thursday we were wearing matching pants. Both came from the swap shop in Santa Barbara. Whose legs are whose?


noelle said...

sounds and looks like you guys had a great time. it would have been fun to go to sacramento for christmas, but it was nice here too.

as for the legs, i am guessing that right is damaris and left is kaity. am i right?

Sienna said...

very cute pics and post. I like to hear what everyone else is doing. I am glad you got to do the big family thing and then just the three of you. sounds fun.

Karen said...

i ditto sienna's answer: kaity on the left and damaris on the right. (i cheated by looking at kaity's blue sweat shirt in the previos photo. hee hee.)

Pamela Palmer said...

i finally took time to read all this. every time i have vacation i wonder how i have time to work. i'm glad to see you guys had so much fun. i guess y ou don't need me any more. (that's both sad and happy for me.)