Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Let's Keeping Special Days

We had so much fun in Hawaii. We were not ready to leave. I was just wishing I could keeping those special days. I just downloaded these pictures and Gio noticed that they were taken at Pammy's house. He said, "Gio wants to go to Pammy's house." I said, "It's far away. We have to drive to the airport, go on the airplane and then drive home from the airport." A few minutes later Gio said, "Gio wants to go the the airport." These are just a few. It is 9:35 and Gio is still up. I need to go put him to bed. More later. I believe he is wearing Enzo's Engrish shirt.
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Damaris said...

yay that shirt still exists. I've been looking for it for so long! I thought we lost it at big sur. send it over when you have a chance!

Mose said Zeke had the cutest eyes she had ever seen. She's right! He has Sienna's eyes. Can't wait to see you guys soon.

Sienna said...

Sienna wants to go to the airport too.

Karen said...

zeke is sooo beautiful. as is gio. will we see you on your way to christmas?