Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting Enzo his Christmas present

I am getting really excited for Christmas. Too bad I still have a huge paper to write. All I want to do is decorate, finish my Christmas cards and make some recipes from this Holiday Cookbook I got from the book mobile yesterday.

I've put a lot of thought into Enzo's present this year. He's getting MUSIC.
It's a Mellisa and Doug musical set. Enzo LOVES music. He can turn the radio on he puts CDs inside the CD player and even presses the play button. The only problem is that he wants to listen to the same CD all day long.
What I am most excited about his gift is that I signed him up for Music Together. It's a music class for babies and their parents. I'll probably like it more than he does so I am considering it a present for both of us. Luckily the Music Together program in our area has a barter program. As a parent you can do some kind of service for them and they'll deduct how ever many hours you work from the tuition. So last week I helped out at their Christmas party. It was kind of crazy because they usually have food catered but something went wrong. So they had all this food but no one to prepare it. Desperately the director of the program asked me if I could cook. I said that I liked to cook but didn't really consider myself a cook. She said it didn't matter as long as there was something for everyone to eat. It was pretty easy because she bought Salmon and pre-cooked raviolis. So I just seasoned the Salmon and baked it and prepared the pasta and some appetizers and soup. It was all pretty easy and actually really fun. I'm convinced that when I have a big enough house I need an industrial stove. This week I spoke to the director and she was so thankful that everything worked out that instead of deducting part of the tuition Enzo would have it all covered ($200 value)! YAY!


Karen said...

i love this story. you were brave to take on the catering. only a week until you'll be here. mimi has been wrapping gifts. christian came over last night to help me put up outside lights. he also assembled the pretend tree and its full of very desireable ornaments. enzo and others will have fun :)

Bekah said...

Wow. Loud musical instruments for Enzo. You're braver than I am. I know he will love them, but I am a little worried for you guys. But then, Bekah is pretty insistent on a real piano for the girls soon, so guess we'll be in the same boat. Jesse

Damaris said...

we're used to him banging on pots and pans with wodden spoons. I'm also excited for your girls to get a piano. It will be really fun once they learn how to play.