Saturday, December 29, 2007


This is Chritsian's word to describe blogging beyond the Palmer and Friends blog. I'm blogliferating at

I've been cooking and listening to a lot of radio this break and decided to start a blog sharing some recipes and some audio documentaries. I keep a family journal where I write down recipes but decided this might be a little more fun. The most important things like my cute family I'll continue to post on the Palmer blog. Speaking of my family yesterday we went to this fun park with a huge slide. Here is a pic.

sea lions by the board walk

These two are from the Santa Cruz mission we went to today (very rainy day)


Bekah said...

Is it still blogliferation if you don't ever post anything. Nobody thinks that when someone new starts a journal. And what is a blog but a journal with pictures, that everyone reads. Jesse

Damaris said...

Good point Jesse. Christian actually came up with the word after you started your blog. He read your pots and said "What, I can't believe Jesse is blogliferating he should just post more on this blog" I liked the word. He's right though we miss your posts. By the way I like how you comment under Bekah's name it's funny.