Thursday, November 1, 2007

Scary Lion

I finally got our lion to go to sleep. We've been having Lot's of adventures during bed time. On Tuesday we had an earthquake. He was almost asleep!!!Both Enzo and I were lying in bed and we felt it and it totally scared us. After the earthquake he wanted to stay awake and eat grapes his all time favorite food and now his new favorite sign.

Yesterday was super fun. Enzo LOVED trick-or-treating. We were really surprised by how much fun he had. We just went around Family Student Housing. He liked knocking on people's doors and he liked putting the candy in his bucket. He didn't really want people to hand him the candy. He wanted to reach inside their bowls of candy and pick it out himself. People thought it was cute, but as a consequence he ended up getting way more candy than he was supposed to. Luckily he has no idea what candy is and didn't even try to open any of it. We hijacked all his treats, except for the animal crackers and tooth brush he got. After trick-or-treating I went to watch a movie with my friends and they were all stoked on Enzo's candy.

Here is a movie of Enzo in his costume

the best part of the night was going over to the Casper's house. They are a family in our ward who live close by. I've starting babysitting their twins on Wednesdays. Enzo loved the twins so it really feels more like a play date than work (thank goodness). The Casper's make doughnuts on Halloween and invite all the trick or treaters to come in their home. They serve the do ughnuts warm with a cup of apple cider, pretty cool huh? here are some pictures from the night including my favorite costume of the year, Mr. Potato Head


this is Kenney and Cordilia the twins/clowns I babysit

This is the Casper's home.


Karen said...

Hey, Damaris. I can't tell you how much fun it is to check "The" blog. I was waiting to see costumes and "voila". I love your lion. We will SEE you all in a few weeks!

Damaris said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that Christian would not let me get rid of all the candy. Apparently his favorite candy is BabyRuth. I looked at him very shocked. I have never seen him eat one in the three years we've been married or the year and a half that we dated. Well if it's his favorite candy I was glad to save it for him, especially because he probably hasn't had it in years. Good thing he has a kid to get free candy from.

Pamela Palmer said...

He and Jesse and Adam used to get quite a stash. They rationed it out very responsibly (well, maybe not Adam). The lion's natural mane must have inspired the costume. Very cute cub.

Kaity said...

I love Enzo's lion. You should have been Dorothy and Christian could have been the tin man or scarecrow. Someone in our ward did that. She made her son's tin man costume out of sheet metal. She cut it with tin snips. Next year that could be you guys.

noelle said...

so, you guys felt the earthquake too? it was quite exciting for us since none of my friends had ever felt an earthquake before.

p.s. enzo is adorable in his lion costume! :)

Damaris said...

kaity, that is a great idea! I should of told you about Enzo's costume before hand that way you could of helped me think of something. I was thinking of being a lion tamer but decided against it since, well...this lion is hard to tame.

Ali-Chloe's Mom said...

I'm thinking....more of a cute lion, definitely not scary at all! Friendly lion with good people skills, Enzo looks great! We got drenched, worse than last year and never made it up to Pam's house. Chloe was a blue, boot-wearin' ballerina/iceskater...whatever, I was just glad she kept her costume on the whole night!

Bekah said...

Our kids only hit about 12 houses, so the candy was pretty paltry (that was 1 hour of walking around). No Reese's, one snickers, and one twix. I hope you just threw away the sugar candy. We're in chocolate withdrawal here. Jesse says it's more psychological than real.

I told the kids that Enzo didn't eat any of his candy and Gwyn offered to share some of hers.

Damaris said...

I'm glad Gwyn is looking out for Enzo even though she's so far away. Thanks Gwyn.