Friday, October 19, 2007


When I was dating Christian and we were planing my trip to Hawaii (meet the family trip) he started talking about Mariko. Christian really stressed that Mariko said that she had to approve of his future wife. He said "Yeah, I think she'll like you, but...yeah, it's kind of important if she really likes you." Let me just say that I was REALLY nervous when I met her, much more than meeting the family.
A year after living in Hawaii I should have remembered my initial desire to impress Mariko, it would have saved her a lot of time hearing me complain about things. But, I'm really glad I had someone to complain to. Someone who also didn't have a baby who slept through the night, someone who was always sympathetic when I was beyond tiered, someone who really helped my sanity. Mariko has been much more like family than a just a friend. I am so glad Christian was concerned about her opinion and I am so glad she is so much a part of our life.
She is the most generous person I know, not just with gifts but also with her time. She not only taught me how to drive IN HER CAR, but also watched both Enzo and Amaya at the DMV while I took both the written and the practice test. She never complained about driving me places and was always willing to pick things up for me at COTSCO. See, you might think that's not a big thing but it's huge when you have a kid and all you want to do is leave the store as quickly as possible.
However, my favorite thing about Mariko is that she is a total food lover. She makes delicious food and appreciates delicious food. By the way, thanks for going out to eat with me so many times. In fact I bet there is some good food happening tonight in honor of her birthday. I hope she has a wonderful day celebrating her cool life as a mom, wife, teacher, daughter, and friend!
I love you more than getting the sugar on my Flan to not burn, more than fried manioc, more than acai.
happy birthday my sweet friend!


Mariko said...

Who couldn't approve of you? Christian knew what he was doing. :) Thanks for the addition on the family blog. I was feeling kind of like a snoop up to this point. I think since no one else appreciates the food thing as much as you I've kind of been sagging behind. We ate at Shark's Cove Grill for my birthday, and they didn't even have any side salad, plus the acai was melty. I already have the restaurant picked out that we're going to take you to when you come back to visit though! I also realized, yesterday, that I have no friends in Hawaii. There's only family left (Pam and Addy included, of course). So I'm feeling kind of lame and missing you, Enzo, and Chris.

Karen said...

If you are reading, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Mariko!!!

IZ said...

Happy birthday Mariko,

This late, but we have been thinking of you and consider ourselves blessed to know you and be a part of your life. BTW, we will be back in Hawaii on dec 14. I know we can't take the place of Christian and Damaris, but at least you will have some other long lost friends again. Oh, and you KNOW we really love food too! So start planning now what we are going to eat.

Hope everything is going splendidly (spelling?). Take care