Saturday, September 29, 2007

SEPTEMBER 27 (take 2)

First day of school= first day of Enzo being watched by a babysitter.

So... we figured it out. We need someone to watch Enzo for 2 hours on Mondays and about 3 hours Tuesdays and Thursdays. The rest of the time one of us is always home. We have been super lucky and we've met really nice parents who also have toddler sons. So we formed a babysitting co-op among the three families. On Mondays and Thursdays Melinda and Enzo watch our Enzo and on Tuesday Victoria and Ben watch Enzo. Then Christian and I will watch Benavi (B+V kid) on Tuesday and Thursday morning and we watch Damiano (M+E kid) on Friday. I don't know why I am explaining all this, I guess I am also figuring it out and sort of remembering the days. So we've tried it out and it's been pretty great. Benavi and Damiano are awesome and Enzo likes having them around. They are also our neighbors so we see them a lot. Enzo is a harder kid to watch and I was sure he would be crying for most of the time on Thursday. He actually did great and they said he didn't cry at all, AND they got him to nap. this is how I dressed him up so that Melinda would be constantly reminded of what kind of kid Enzo is.

He does this thing where he climbs on the windows then jumps to the couch and on to the table and then to the floor. He has missed both the couch and table several times and just face plants straight to the floor. He also gallops most of the time instead of walks and tries very, very hard to skip. He does this side skipping especially when he gets on top of things such as tables, the wall that gets progressively taller in front of our house, and down the slide. That's why I thought this was the perfect Enzo shirt.

I was really happy babysitting went well. The thing about daycare is that both Damiano and Benavi are in front of Enzo on the wait list so hopefully they also won't get in. (Don't tell their parents I said that).

I really love being back in school. I am super excited about my program. Being back in a classroom was great and I was ecstatic to be back in a dance studio.

Thursday was a good day. And as I had imagined The Office was pretty classic.


Pamela Palmer said...

i love the shirt and am so glad day care is going well. thought you'd be glad to be in school. enzo looks like he's grown since he left. what's the big idea?

Cailin said...

I can't believe Enzo is so big--but I can totally see him loving to jump off of things. Just like his daddy.

Well, if Amy ever checks this I hope she'll email me cause I've got millions of questions about living in NY with a family. I find the idea both exciting and terrifying--and it's a toss up which will win out.

Karen said...

Damaris, tell me more about your dance class. See you at Thanksgiving!