Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Adam

I realized that I only have two pictures of Adam. This was the better one. However, I have hundreds of Adam's pictures. That's probably true for everyone.

Why should we remember Adam's birthday?

  • He gives us all cool presents (I just bought a frame for my "Lolenzo and friends poster") and I am looking at it right now

  • Our kids all love him. He's an amazing Dad and a very, very good uncle

  • Not only did he introduce most of us to The Office, but he also paid for a whole season and downloaded it at Pammy's so that we could all watch.

  • He never refuses a Waimea adventure, or a Ted's pit stop.

  • He always has good music in his car

  • He's Mikey and Minami's dad and we all enjoy them

  • He got everyone hooked on ping-pong

  • he's the only one who can make and does make really good and fast curry

  • He doesn't mind paying a lot of money for steak and sharing it(one of my personal favorite qualities)

Happy Birthday Adam!


Pamela Palmer said...

--he always acts glad it's me when i call
--he keeps coming over even though i hardly ever make it to ano ano ale
--he gives great presents
--he enjoys my roomates
--he slipped out as simple as pie, as painless as possible a mere 32 years ago.

fumika said...
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fumika said...

G- I should have known it shows I wrote something even i delete it.
So, might as well, why not dropping a line again?



well, I make better curry (and faster)!!
...just kidding.

--he keeps in touch with (a) lazy friend(s)
--he is a great photographer
--he has good quality of friends;)

Happy Birthday Adam, belated.

Pamela Palmer said...


Pamela Palmer said...

It's Adam. Thanks Damaris and Fumika. I love it!!!!!!!!!

Kaity said...

Happy Birthday Adam!