Thursday, September 27, 2007

fidel castaño

so, the name of my dorm is "Castaño" and the theme this year is "Fidel Castaño." On our doors we have pictures of Fidel smoking a cigar and out of the ashes comes our name. I am not sure how I feel about my name being on a picture of Fidel. It is kind of pushing it for me. So I have some pictures of my boys on the wall, to make up for Fidel on my door.

I talked to Austin on gchat last night, and he is doing well. He is not that excited about my being vegan. He said in his letter, "You know, the bible says that animals were made for us to eat right? LIKE THAT IS THE REASON THEY EXIST. and for pets too i think. " I thought it was pretty funny. Shelly and Steve came to drop off my bike (they were on their way to a Gladys Knight concert at the temple) and they brought me some cool sweaters and shirts. They, unlike Aust, were excited about the vegan thing and took me to Trader Joes to get a whole bunch of really cool snacks including: whole grain pita bread, hummus, organic peanut butter, organic salsa, and soy milk. They are going down to Santa Cruz in October, and I think I will go with them.

hoku was telling me that her mom doesn't like fresh flowers in the house because she is a very practical person and flowers/live plants are impractical because they will just die in like 5 minutes anyway, and then you will have to clean it up, and take them outside, and then it is just a waste of time. I was thinking today about how I couldn't disagree more. Anyway, I wanted to put up some pictures of some beautiful things at Stanford. Here is the lane I ride down to park my bike, and also the view from the staircase window. and also some favorites from summer. me and tru and gio and randy.

love you all


Pamela Palmer said...

love the pics--- Adam

Karen said...

I love th pictures of the bike path and the view through the window. On of my favorite pictures that dad took when i was young is at stanford. (Kimball and I) I love your pictures and tie died pillowcases too. Are you coming to shelley's for thanksgiving?

noelle said...

yeah, i am planning on it. i am excited to see family

noelle said...
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Jesse said...

What a cool place to live. Love the family pics on the wall. Wish we could go to Shelley's for thanksgiving. xoxo bekah
ps, got our sheets on, too. so much nicer!