Monday, August 6, 2007


Christian made a really nice colorful sign that read "English Only Please" for my ESL class. Last week Bekah and I taught English to Japanese students who were staying at the YMCA. Bekah had 6 students ages 7-9 and I had 11 students ages 9 and 10. We were both shocked how jaded and rude these kids were. Seriously, we tried so hard and they just would not cooperate. It was extremely frustrating. Not to mention that it was in Wailua so we had a long ways to go. We did make $400 so that's kind of nice. Not to mention our completely crazy boss. You know right before v-land there is a farm with sheep and stuff. Well she lives there, with the sheep. Today I picked her up and asked her again, "Barbara do you really live here" and she said "well not here on the street, I live in that barn over there." She is completely crazy. I still feel bad for convincing Bekah that it was a good idea to do this job. To top it off, this week I am also working with Barbara. This time it's only 4 students, all high school age. Very polite and pretty good English. Barbara decided that she could teach the class but she still needs me to be there. She said she REALLY needed me to pass out the snacks. So I sat there for 3 hours just listening to her teach and passed out the snacks, which took maybe 45 seconds. So this is my new job. Whenever I complain about staying home Christian says that work is not that much fun. He's right.

as for some updates on the rest of the family and Hawaii.....
-Iris left on Thursday and I really miss her. She said her trip was perfect especially because Bekah took her to see Jack Johnson last Wednesday at BYU swim lessons.
-Ben, Yesenia's boyfriend, left last week so that's sad. I'm sure she could use some e-mails or phone calls to cheer her up.
-I keep teasing Adam that he's rich because he has one photo shoot after another. I'm glad his business is going well.
-The outdoor shower is completely fixed.
-Minami's birthday is this Wednesday and she's having princess party.
-Ephraim and Melinda temple came to visit last weekend. They leave to Samoa on the 15Th. I think. They seem excited. Not to mention that they'll be able to save a ton of money because their rent is only $100 a month.
-our rent is almost $1200 but we did get into family student housing and we're very happy that it worked out.
-Scott was totally M.I.A but no he's back and he makes things really cheerful. I like him a lot.
-Do you guys know the Skafs? They just adopted a little girl. they come home tomorrow.
-My friend Cristiane had her baby. Her name is Rafaella. They are doing well.
-The kids are totally cute. Enzo still doesn't say any words and Gwyn is learning Portuguese quit quickly. His jumping has improved significantly and he now jumps from the top of Waimea with Christian. He really likes it.
-what about you guys? send some news!!!!!!!!!! Post some updates!!!!

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