Monday, August 6, 2007

Breaking the Ice

I almost posted a while ago but I got hung up on the fact that I didn't know how to add more than one picture to my post and never finished. Can someone teach me how? So here goes, one random picture and some updates. This is Gio and Doyle in Doyle's double stroller that is just like the one I ordered a few days ago. Lizzy (Doyle's mom) and I are baffled by the fact that when Gio and Doyle are not together they are constatly talking about each other and asking to play with the other, but all they do when they are together is fight. They are potty training partners and pee on trees together. Gio is potty trained and even wakes up from nap and bed with a dry diaper, but for some reason he wants to keep wearing diapers. (Maybe because Zeke does?) Our garden in producing in abundance. We have zucchini, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, eggplant, bell peppers, soy beans, beets, strawberries, and basil to name a few. How do you put a video on.

You guys have probably already seen this, but if you need some laugh therapy watch this show.
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Damaris said...

Christian told me he was getting good advice today from Bekah on planting a garden. You guys could also give us advice! I like the double stroller. I inherited mariko's combi stroller. We also just found out Jack Johnson has a combi. i hope you feel cool. By the way cute pic.

Jesse said...

ok, that game show looks fun. do you think we could get on in japan, or do you think they screen for low IQ's.

Yesenia said...

I think that my boyfriend is SO cute! (almost as cute as my real boyfriend haha)

Post some pics of the fam!

Sienna said...

gio is so cute and doyle too. today in my esl class I wrote a story about a boy named Giovanni to teach about pronouns. it was f.u.n.

Kaity said...

You guys are so nice.